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It's all making Perfect Sense to Stefano.  "Perfect Sense"is what Stefano is to music and song.  His full-bodied voice flows naturally and smoothly to a variety of sounds.  "Perfect Sense" has recently been released all across Asia through VMP.  It also received a video grant from Video Fact and is being re-edited for release on Much Music.

Stefano's refreshing approach in this recording debut is exciting and stimulating.  He began his career as a young child that was surrounded by musical talent.  His grandfather embraced the accordion, while his father mastered the saxaphone and bass guitar.  At the age of seven, Stefano performed the lead role in an operetta, encouraging the recording of himself to Motown Songs on Real to Real.  Church Choir, musicals, playing in various bands, acting and modelling in film and television were some of the opportunities that Stefano has experienced throughout the years.

Paris, Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bombay are only a few places that Stefano's performances have been enjoyed.  Travelling has played a major role in Stefano's insight and appreciation of other cultures.  This performer has acquired 4 languages, allowing him great versatility and pleasure while entertaining a greater variety of people.

R & B, Pop, Jazz as well as Rock and Dance create the large range of his musical talents.  Having a 3-octave range, with a rich, deep soulful sound gives Stefano versatility as a performer.  His dance experience gives him the right moves to make his story telling complete.

Asia gave Stefano the opportunity to write, "I Catch My Breath", a song on Marina Xavier's album which has been released in Europe, Asia and South America.  Just recently he co-wrote, "Ultimate Love Song" which has been playing across Canada.  This talented singer and songwriter is back in Toronto composing and producing.

This is an entertainer who practices yoga regularly and enjoys performing at benefits and charities.  His generosity and talent speak for itself.  To hear him is to experience the true integrity and expertise that the music world has to offer.