These Are Some Of My Favorite Books

Each one of these books has contributed something of importance to my life.
In my sharing these books with you, it is my desire that they
may also import something of significance into your life.

    "Light On Yoga"   

by BSK Iyengar    

    "Light On The Yoga Sutras"   

by BSK Iyengar    

    "Health In Your Hands"   

by Devendra Vora    

    "A Path With Heart"   

by Jack Kornfield    

    "Myths To Live By"   

by Joseph Campbell    

    "Power Of Myth"   

by Joseph Campbell    

    "Iron John"    

by Robert Bly    

    "Addiction To Perfection"    

by Marianne Woodman    

    "Autobiography Of A Yogi"    

by Paramahansa Yagananda    

    "The Power Of Silence"    

by Carlos Castaneda    

    "The Celestine Prophecy"    

by James Redfield    

    "Bhagavad Gita As It Is"    

by Bhaktivedanta Swami    

    "Eating Right For Your Type"    

by Peter J. D'Adamo    

    "Man And His Symbols"    

by Carl G. Jung    

    "Fire In The Belly"    

by Sam Keen    

    "Fisher King"    

by Robert A. Johnson    

    "Conversations With God"    

by Neale D. Walsch    

    "The Artists Way"    

by Julia Cameron    

    "The Water Of Life"    

by J.W. Armstrong    


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