Healing Remedies

Travelling has given me the gift of sharing remedies from places like India, Taiwan, Singapore & Europe.

Here are just a few.

Neem:   Ghandi once said, “a little neem in ones diet is essential”, a natural ANTIBIOTIC which kills bacteria. Neem is very bitter and is full of chlorophyll.

Antibacterial properties help eliminate redness, skin irritation dandruff, lice, worms and other bacterial infections.

I don’t enjoy the bitter taste, but I do like using neem externally as a deodorant when washing. As a paste it can be applied as a mask to the face and you will see the glow and freshness.

Mix powder form with water or with castor oil. Rub all over the body including orifices. The leaves can also be used in cooking and teas.

Turmeric:   haldi/cucurma “Turmeric vitalizes the liver by stimulating it”. Juice-Diet For Perfect Health, Dr. D.R.Gala

This bright yellow spice is a root which grows under the ground. This is a blood purifier(antioxidant)which is great for many skin problems. Also this is a natural ANTIHISTAMINE. You can find turmeric in most mustard spreads and powdered tumeric in local supermarkets. It stains so be careful. Dr. Gala also says in his book, that green turmeric is said to have even greater qualities but is not widely used.

Amla:   Embilica Myrobalan/Indian Gooseberry

Has highest concentration of VITAMIN C than any other fruit.  “It increases the body’s resistance against disease.” Dr. K.V. Giri.  Amla is said to be good for removing dead skin and to smooth out wrinkles. Chawanprash (found in local Indian Supermarkets) is a multi-vitamin paste, which can be taken internally and is very high in amla.  I love using it in tea, too.

Burns:  The best thing is your own urine.  Yup, urine.  I had a hard time believing this myself, but once your grandmother and my friends in India tell you the same thing: I ask what is this all about?  Did you know that a fetus floats in its own urine?  Did you know that foreskin restoration works because of urine?  And did you know that most wrinkle creams contain urea - which is urine?  Yup!  In the book, ‘The Water of Life’ the author, “J. W. Armstrong” speaks of healing through ones urine.  Apparently when our bodies sleep we create healing chemicals, which then are released in the urine.  The body is creating all the time.  The body is like a machine which creates natural medicine.  Monks and Sadhus have been known to do this for over thousands & thousands of year.

Arnica Montana:  Excellent for dark circles under the eyes.  Can be taken internally as a homeopathic remedy.  Arnica is highly recommended by plastic surgeons after surgery.  For example, if bruising occurs it helps eliminate the dry blood under the skins surface.  Found in most Health stores.

Castor Oil:  A little goes a long way.  Great as a deep conditioner for your hair.  Helps eliminate breakage after treatment.  Can also be used as a hair gloss or on your ends.  Also great for your skin.  Use to massage with a lufa or mix with favorite oil.

Applied to the stomach as a (castor oil pack) helps the bowels and intestines eliminate. (hot water bottle/heating pad over a cloth which covers a generous amount of castor oil 1 hr max)


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