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     "I Wanna Get Close"
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(The song clip will download to a temporary file on your computer and then should automatically play on your media player.
However:  If you have Windows Media Player - as the song clip downloads onto your computer you will hear little broken segments
of the song play. Once the song clip has completely downloaded, hit the play button and the song will play uninterrupted)

All song clips are 60 seconds and 706KB

It's All Making Perfect Sense:Download MP3

Dream:Download MP3

Do You Or Don't You:Download MP3

Never Ever Gonna Say Goodbye:Download MP3

Another Day Another Song:Download MP3

I Wanna Get Close:Download MP3

If You Gave Me Your Heart:Download MP3

Why'd You Deny?:Download MP3

You Were My Life:Download MP3

Babe:Download MP3


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