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" I want to thank everyone that has written in to me and for their support. I wish you all the greatness in which you will allow yourself to be. I continue with my Yoga and Pranayama practice as they help me stay grounded and help in dealing with the stress of every day life. Presently I am working on composing, writing and producing my next CD with much excitement. Thank you to all the teachers which surround me. Thank you for letting my planet around your sphere. "

Namaste Stefano                    

Check out Stefano's Ikea commercial.   Click here to see the commercial.

"The In-Laws" starring Michael Douglas and Albert Brooks has been released. The movie is alot of fun. Click on the movie poster below to see Stefano in the movie's trailer.

Stefano is now shooting a Feature Film, " The In-Laws ". A Comedy by Terry Dodd and Jeff Hammond. Directed by Andrew Fleming ( "Three Some,The Craft") and starring Michael Douglas and Albert Brooks.

Stefano has been a member of the Screen Actors Guild and ACTRA for over 13 years. He has appeared on TV, magazines spreads and has done over 100 commercials all across the world.

" It's All Making Perfect Sense ", can still be heard on radio stations in Canada & Asia.

" Ultimate Love Song " co-written by Stefano and sung by Gavin Hope of the Nylons, stills plays on radio across Canada.

" Another Day Another Song " reached into the top 30 in La Palmares in Quebec.

The video for, "Another Day Another Song " is being re-edited and will be released on Much Much Music.

Stefano has just been awarded a grant from Video Fact for " Another Day Another Song " !!!   Shooting begins end of June with Jeff Stephenson as director and production by Blackwalk Productions.

" Another Day Another Song ", has moved up into the top 50 in Quebec in just a matter of weeks.

" It's All Making Perfect Sense ", is still playing across Canada and Asia.

Other Songs that Stefano wrote or co-wrote:

" Ultimate Love Song ", sung by Gavin Hope is still bringing in residuals and plays across Canada.

" I Catch My Breath ", sung by Marina Xavier plays across France, Asia and South America.

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