My Thoughts On Yoga

Yoga for me is a cleansing and restorative practice.

Years ago I crushed a disk in my lower spine. I was told by professionals that I would have to walk with a cane or I'd be hunched back the rest of my life.

Since most exercises would be very discomforting, I chose to continue with only the swimming and stretching routines of my workout. In my stretching exercises I had already incorporated sun salutation. Sun salutation is a series of asanas or yoga postures.

On a journey to India, I was introduced to the practice of doing yoga on the beach in Goa and the importance of the cleansing ritual in the sacred Ganges of Varanasi. I came to love it and the ritual of bathing and yoga became a constant in my life.

At home in Toronto I was lucky to find "Yoga Center Toronto", run by Marlene Mawhinney, a vibrant soul and caring teacher. Ever since I have begun Iyengar Yoga, I have no longer needed the services of a Chiropractor. This after years of constantly needing adjustments. Now I let the asana or posture do the adjusting for me. I also practice "Pranayama", a breathing technique which should be taught by a Guru or teacher.

When my time allows, I help out in the Special Needs Practice which helps those with depression, migranes, MS, back problems and the list goes on.

I love to party but at least with the practice of Yoga, I have some balance in my life. Good luck with your healing.


For further information please contact:    www.bskiyengar.com


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